• Julie HRBS

Reward or not to Reward

Many business owners are talking about weather they should be ‘rewarding’ employees NOT on furlough, for their hard work during this time and also any extra work they may have had to cover; with a small reward such as an extra one or two days holiday.

There are many views on this and I am not saying that I agree either way, I just want to reach out to my connections and get your opinions; I think starting the discussion may help other business owners decide which is the best course of action to take if they are thinking of taking this stance.

Thoughts I have come across are; some employees ON furlough feel disgruntled as most didn’t ask to be put on furlough therefore, they should be ‘rewarded’ to.

Some say that a ‘reward’ of some sort would be OK as those on furlough were paid 100% of their salary – Does that make it fair?

I would say that there are significant risks in "rewarding" financial/annual leave to colleagues who worked through this Pandemic and anyone should think carefully before doing so as this could impose a long-term impact and create a workforce divide.

Does anyone have the answer to this?


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