• Julie HRBS

Why Is HR important when coming out of lockdown?

So, the Government have started to ease restrictions on the current lockdown rules which is absolutely a good thing for many of us.

Over the past few weeks/months the situation has got me wondering what and if Covid-19 has put a strain on the perception that employees have of the Human Recourses function and has it/ will it result in hindering the relationships that have been build over the past 5/10 years?

The HR professional has found that along with the day job they have had to quickly become an expert in all things COVID. They have had to advise the best they can on Furlough and the in's and out’s of the scheme which in itself is a minefield. So is the HR department more important now then they were before? My opinion is the work the Human Resources function undertake has always been extremely important, it's just now along with being an unofficial phycologist, peacemaker, lawyer and teacher the HR professional is an unofficial medical practitioner versed on mental health and wellbeing concerning the Coronavirus. Its important that the HR people function is recognised for the essential support they have provided to protect businesses and the staff within. There are many factors to take into account as employees return to the workplace, one might be regaining the trust of employees and building on employee engagement from the outset. What are your thoughts?


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